Diesel (och pyttelite Carlings)

Carlings mest för att de inte sponsrat mig än och för att de säljer fina skjortor som är pyttesmå.

”Hi, how come you do not have any Zathan size 36w ever? Am I that fat? Zathan is the only model i feel really comfortable in.”


Hello Daniel,Thank you for contacting Diesel Online Store. Unfortunately the product of your choice is not available for online purchase.


We invite you to visit our website regularly for catalogue updates; you can also register to My Account to receive information on new arrivals and special promotions.

For specific product requests we suggest you contact the nearest Diesel retail store.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


Customer Care

Diesel Online Store



in the city where i live it is not possible to buy them either. Actually the guys in the Diesel store made fun of me on two diffrent occasions, saying that ”Zathan” would never come back in fashion. The they laughed at me.

I am rather big as my size reveals, maybe a little fat. But i have feelings too. You do not help my self esteem by laughing at me.

Can you please add them to your online shop. Please?

Best regards and hugs if you fix it!




Hello Daniel,We apologize for the inconvenience encountered at the Diesel Store.


CareDiesel Online Store