Sverige – Frankrike

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Dear sirs,

as you might know the situation with poultry and chickens is special in sweden.
We claim to have zero salmonella contamination, which is great, but in the name of food safety we now use only two breeds, naturally ross and cobb.
There is no choice at all and top chefs have to import birds from…yes…france!
Regular consumers do not have any choice.
Then there is the organization ”swedish bird” that promotes the swedish chicken and they have produced a rather shocking leaflet:
This is a quote that should be interesting for you:
”…for instance in france taste and quality is most important.
There is a wide variety of different birds breeds and products in all price segments”
”in sweden we also care about how we raise chickens and the production methods and food security are primary factors
i would welcome your comments on this.
best regards,
Archibald Haddock
Något otyg planerar de.